Patient Forms

All forms are editable in Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader, and Preview. Once they have been completed, please print them and either fax them to us at 817-473-4329 or bring them with you to your appointment. **In Adobe Acrobat, the "Highlight Existing Fields" function will change the color of all editable fields, making full completion much easier.

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    Established Patients

    Please complete and print the annual update forms for your office visit. If you have had any changes to your name, address, or insurance since your last visit, please also complete the demographic update form.
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    New Patients

    Please complete and print the new patient packet for your office visit. The HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices is also available for you to view and/or download. If you would like to have records from a previous physician sent to us, please also complete and print the Records Release form.